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Peak 301

Peak 301 works its way through every single part of every single shingle to fix the chemistry that breaks down over time. One application will add at least 6 years to your roof. Guaranteed by warranty. But as long as your shingles are in decent shape, it’ll be more like adding a decade.

The All-Natural Solution for Aging Asphalt Shingles

Discover the transformative power of Peak 301 – nature’s answer to aging asphalt shingles. Crafted with an advanced chemistry-correcting formula, Peak 301 not only counteracts the daily wear and tear inflicted by harmful UV rays but also fortifies the molecular integrity of the shingles, ensuring durable, long-lasting protection. Moreover, brace your roof for nature’s fury as Peak 301 prepares it to fend off hail impacts, all while rejuvenating its aesthetic appeal to make your home the envy of Marion County, FL.

Consider Peak 301 as your premier alternative to a complete roof overhaul. Whether you’re in Marion County, FL, or beyond, a single treatment can prolong your roof’s lifespan by an impressive 6 to 10 years. And for those roofs that still boast decent shingles, Peak 301 doubles as a protective agent, halting the aging process in its tracks and restoring its pristine appearance. Choose Peak 301 – where innovation meets longevity.

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    Josh Tompkins
    Josh Tompkins
    This company will fix your situation at a affordable rate. Great quality of work. Definitely recommend.
    outsidethebox withBonnie
    outsidethebox withBonnie
    Great staff. Fast service, If you looking for an company that cares about your needs and secure work then call them. Everything was established with great stability and support. Thank you 😊
    john maulden
    john maulden
    If you want complete satisfaction without the worries of shotty/corner-cutting work, Ace is the only choice! They came highly recommended to me and the recommendations were not wrong in the slightest! I’m appreciative of their professionalism and competitive pricing!
    Danielle Ricklefs
    Danielle Ricklefs
    Needing roof work done is a hassle. Needing a replacement is a nightmare, but Ace Roofing Tech saved the day from the very first call. They had me on the schedule immediately. Before I knew it, my roof was brand new, my homeowners insurance wasn't canceled, and the price didn't break. Thank you!
    Daniel LeBron
    Daniel LeBron
    Prompt, came and gave me a same day estimate and was a pleasure to deal with! I had to get a new roof because of insurance purposes and they helped me Recertify my roof and helped me qualify for the new insurance roofing certification saving us a lot of money! Highly recommend
    Daniel Le Bron
    Daniel Le Bron
    Very professional work, i had a great experience with this company, they worked with to solve my problem. Highly recommend there roofing services to anyone looking around!
    Gabby Garza
    Gabby Garza
    I was in need of a roof replacement and I hired Ace Roofing for the job. The company was reasonably priced and completed my roof in a timely manner. Salvador was very professional and kind. I definitely recommend them for anyone who is in need of a new roof or roof repair.
    Anastasia Garcia
    Anastasia Garcia
    We got our roof replaced and Sal and his crew did an awesome job. Sal was very nice and professional. We will be recommending him to all our family and friends.
    Brad Ybarra
    Brad Ybarra
    Sal and his crewwere very professional and answered all my questions and concerns and did it in a timely manner highly recommended
    Jordan Hicks
    Jordan Hicks
    They did a great job on my roof they are very professional and i would definitely recommend them.

    Reverses Day-to-Day Shingle Damage

    Discover the unparalleled efficacy of Peak 301, nature’s premium solution for aging asphalt shingles. Harnessing a specialized chemistry-correcting blend, Peak 301 actively combats the daily deterioration inflicted by harmful UV rays, guaranteeing your roof’s enduring strength and pristine appearance for the long haul. Choose Peak 301 for a roof that stands the test of time.

    Rebuilds Molecular Structures for Lasting Results

    Peak 301’s advanced formula delves deep, rejuvenating the very molecular framework of the shingles. This not only ensures enduring results but fortifies the entire roof’s resilience. Unlike many surface-level treatments, Peak 301 addresses the root causes, delivering a holistic roofing solution.

    Readies Your Roof for Hail Hits

    Peak 301 is specially designed to bolster your roof’s defenses against hail assaults. Once applied, your shingles gain heightened durability, effectively resisting the force of hail impacts and saving you from potential costly repairs.

    Refreshes Your Roof’s Appearance

    Peak 301 goes beyond mere protection; it revitalizes your roof’s aesthetics. With our treatment, transform a faded, weary roof into one that radiates vibrancy, elevating the entire visual allure of your property.

    All-Natural and Non-Toxic

    Peak 301 is all-natural and non-toxic, ensuring the safety of your family, pets, landscaping, and gardens. With our environmentally friendly approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof renewal is not only effective but also eco-conscious.

    The Science Behind Peak 301

    The engine inside Peak 301 that makes it so effective is our proprietary chemistry-correcting formula. Developed at Iowa State University and backed by a US Patent, this formula penetrates every part of each shingle, addressing the broken chemistry of aged asphalt and restoring it to its optimal condition.

    Guaranteed Performance

    At ACE Roofing Tech, we stand behind the effectiveness of Peak 301. With our roof treatment, you can expect to add at least 6 to 10 more years of life to your roof. We offer a 6-year guarantee, exceeding the 5-year guarantees provided by our competitors, ensuring your confidence in our superior product.


    Protective Grit Retention

    Peak 301 fortifies the intrinsic asphalt framework of the shingle, laying a robust base for the protective granules on your roof. This ensures enhanced grit adherence, minimizing grit shedding in comparison to untreated shingles, and offering an augmented shield against environmental adversities.

    Superior Penetration for Lasting Protection

    Rather than merely offering surface-level fortification like many other products, Peak 301 delves deeper, acting at a molecular level to thoroughly permeate each shingle. Our innovative formula purges the asphalt shingles of fragile components, thwarting leaks and averting the need for early roof replacements.


    Peak 301 costs less than 15% of the average roof replacement. That means a homeowner who’s been quoted $8,000 for a new roof can typically expect to pay around $1,000 for an application of Peak 301.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How often should I inspect my roof?

    For homeowners, it’s good practice to inspect your roof annually. Businesses, especially with larger roofs, may benefit from biannual checks to catch issues early.

    How long does a roof typically last?

    On average, asphalt shingles last 20-25 years, while materials like metal or tile can last 50 years or more. Regular maintenance enhances longevity.

    What are the signs that I need a new roof?

    Look for missing or damaged shingles, frequent leaks, and age over 20 years. Regular inspections can provide more specific guidance for your unique situation.

    How can I get a quote for a replacement roof or a roof repair?

    To get a quote for a replacement roof or a roof repair, simply give us a call at [Phone Number] or fill out our online request form on our website. After providing some basic information about your roofing needs, one of our experts will schedule a visit to your property for a detailed inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific requirements.

    What is the difference between a licensed roofing contractors and not?

    Licensed roofing contractors have undergone formal training, passed industry-specific exams, and met all the state or local requirements to legally operate as a roofing contractor. Being licensed ensures that the contractor adheres to industry standards and follows local building codes. On the other hand, contractors not licensed might not have the necessary training or qualifications, which can result in subpar workmanship. Hiring a licensed contractor also offers better protection for homeowners in case of disputes or issues arising from the roofing job.